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Our "Brown Bag Bioneers" lunch series has ended - for now. Many thanks to those who joined us to share in watching and discussing these integrative ideas. Thanks also to the Interfaith Center - aspiring GAIA HOUSE - for continued support of Southern Sustainability and Heartland Bioneers!

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The 5th Heartland Bioneers Conference has wrapped up. Sincerest thanks to those groups and individuals who helped make it a success! Special gratitude to Peter Schwartzman and student from Knox College in Galesburg who made such a grand pilgrimage to Bioneers.

Here's a group photo from Saturday afternoon!

This event (October 17-19) is a satellite partner with the 19th Annual Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California. Carbondale is one of eighteen nationwide partners in this year's Beaming Bioneers network. It is a privilege to offer this opportunity to our region, and we thank the partners who make it possible - most especially

What is Bioneers?? Many things - but mostly in terms of the upcoming conference, Bioneers is an annual staging ground where ideas are cross-pollinated, innovative solutions are shared, and people find renewed vigor for creating a saner, more equitable future together. Skeptical? Come find out for yourself!

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HOW nice would it be if you could support Southern Sustainability financially, but without actually incurring any cost? Pretty Good, right? Then get thee to GoodSearch! This internet search engine (powered by YAHOO!) helps you support great causes simply by searching - something you probably do every day already! Copy and paste Southern Illinois Center for a Sustainable Future - SICSF into the "Who do you GoodSearch for?" box, and every time you use it, we'll accrue a penny! There's even an option to install a toolbar to your web browser.

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Did you know? MOST Americans believe they know more about the environment than they actually do... A comprehensive report from the National Environmental Education & Training Foundation (NEETF), based on 10 years of research, presents the state of "Environmental Literacy in America". Available online at www.neetf.org/pubs/ELR2005.pdf (download nearly 2MB). Some snapshots:

80% of Americans are heavily influenced by incorrect or outdated environmental myths!

Only 12% of Americans can pass a basic quiz on awareness of energy topics!

With "global warming" (climate change!) receiving so much press lately, this is merely ONE example of why it's more important than ever to have an informed - and engaged - citizenry. Earth Day EVERY day is a chance for everyone to learn something new and start a positive relationship with the natural environment and one another.


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